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RT-LAMP Dual-Detect (colorimetric + fluorescence) Beads for Single Reactions

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For in vitro use and RUO only!

Applyo Beads
Shipping Room temperature
Storage conditions Store at 20°C. Short term storage at temperatures up to 30°C is also possible.
Shelf life 12 months
Form Lyophilized
Concentration Each 1x Appylo Bead contains all components for a 25 µl RT-LAMP reaction. The reaction can be real-time monitored using a fluorescence reader working at 65 °C or by visual colorimetric read-out after 30 minutes.
Description Applyo RT-LAMP Dual-Detect Beads contain all basic reagents for performing a fluorimetric and colorimetric RT-LAMP reaction in a lyophilized bead format. This includes among others a strand-displacement polymerase and thermophilic reverse transcriptase and buffer components. User only needs to add target specific LAMP primers.

Each Applyo Bead is designed for a single 25 µl RT-qPCR-reaction-well. The beads are pre-mixed, guaranteeing reliable amplification results with minimal pipetting effort. Our ready-to-use bead-format with instantly resuspending reaction mixes ensures time-saving fast experimental setup with low risk of cross-contamination during handling.

Available Options

12 Stripes à 8 Beads
96 Beads in Standard PCR Plate
96 Beads in Fortitude 1D PCR Plate
96 Beads in Fortitude 2D PCR Plate


Applyo RT-LAMP Beads

Applyo Beads are stable under ambient conditions. Exposure to high moisture (>80 % rH) for more than 30 minutes or placing beads on ice may result in moisture condensation and may impair the RT-LAMP performance due to the reduced solubility of the Applyo Beads. Therefore, limit the exposure to humidity (e.g. in the air) to a minimum until the bead is reconstituted with the primer-probe mixture and carefully reseal the package with remaining Applyo Beads if only a part of the beads is applied. Resealed Applyo Beads should be used within 3 months.

Typical recommended RT-LAMP protocol with Applyo RT-LAMP Beads:

Handling of the Applyo Beads

Open the tube containing the Applyo Bead just right before addition of target specific primer mixture.
Solve the Applyo Bead directly in the tube that it is provided in.

Protocol at a glance

Component Stock conc. Volume in 25 µl assay Final conc.
Applyo Bead 1x 1 µl (bead volume will add 1 µl to total reaction volume) 1x
LAMP Primers

(Adjust concentrations according your requirements)

1 µl – 24 µl FIP/BIP: 1.6 µM each

F3/B3: 0.2 µM each

LF/LB: 0.4 µM each

RNA sample 1 µl – 24 µl 20 – 100,000 copies / reaction
Nuclease-free water Fill up to 25 µl


Recommended LAMP program:

Temperature* Time*
65°C 30 min

Real-time fluorescence readout (FAM channel) every 30 sec. recommended.

Visual colorimetric readout can be performed after 30 minutes.