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qPCR Liquid Master-Mix

Applyo qPCR product for quantitvative PCR analyses with target detection possible in 5-plex (e.g. detection with 488 nm, 533 nm, 552 nm, 581 nm, 652 nm, 678 nm wave length depending on the filter setup of your thermocycler).


For in vitro use RUO only!

Applyo Liquid Master mix
Shipping -20°C
Storage conditions Store – 20°C. Short term storage at temperatures up to 4°C is also possible.
Shelf life 12 months
Form Liquid
Concentration 2x Master Mix
Description 2x Applyo Liquid Master Mix contains all reagents for detection of DNA. This includes among others a Hot-Start Taq DNA Polymerase as well as all required buffer components for performing qPCR reactions. Our 2x concentrated master mix format offers a quick experimental setup and minimizes well-to-well and experiment-experiment variations substantially. The reaction volume can be chosen freely.

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1 Tube


Applyo qPCR Applyo Liquid Master Mix

Applyo Liquid Master Mixes are stable at -20°C, short time storage at 4°C is also possible. Avoid extended freeze-thaw cycles.

Recommended qPCR protocol for Applyo qPCR Liquid Master Mix

Prepare DNA sample according to your protocol in PCR-clean water or 10 mM Tris pH 8.0-buffer.
Thaw Applyo Liquid Master Mix on ice upon complete thawing.

Protocol at a glance

Component Stock conc. Volume in 25 µl assay Final conc.
Applyo Liquid Master Mix 2x 12.5 µl 1x
Primer 1 µl – 12.5 µl ~ 200 – 800 nM
Probes 1 µl – 12.5 µl ~ 50 nM – 200 nM
DNA sample 1 µl – 12.5 µl 20 – 100,000 copies / reaction
Nuclease-free water Fill up to 25 µl

Recommended cycling program:

Temperature* Time*
95°C 1 min.
95°C 10 sec. Repeat 45x*
58°C 10 sec.
72°C 20 sec.
Signal readout